ShowLight: The Ultimate Lighting Solution for Your Computer

A lighting system that perfects your image on video conference or Skype, as designed by Nine-time Tony Award recipient Jules Fisher. – [currently $ 0 (0%) of $ 53,700 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq


BLOW-FREE, a compact air conditioning system w/ solar components for small vehicles interior rear deck. – [currently $ 0 (0%) of $ 50,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq

EasiSpread – Instant Heated Butter Knife

EasiChef have created the world's first ever Instant Heated Butter Knife, which softens butter for the perfect spread. – [currently £216 (1%) of £25,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq

Dubulator Voice Over & Caption translation made easy

Multi-Language translation site with the patent pending SyncWave Technology. – [currently $ 0 (0%) of $ 100,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq


A Powerful Automatic Camera Drone Fits in Your Palm. One-Touch,Live WiFi, Throw-to-Fly, & MORE! – [currently $ 325 (2%) of $ 15,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq

Drone Control IC with Wi-Fi Video Streaming (Phase 1)

The ultimate all in one package: video and drone control Integrated Circuit (IC), leading up to a product smaller than a penny! – [currently $ 0 (0%) of $ 100,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq

Court Vision – Lighted Training Apparel

Improving a player’s “court vision” or peripheral vision has multiple problems. We have the solution! – [currently $ 0 (0%) of $ 80,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq

Enginursday: Even a child could do it!

Delving through the fascinating world of stock photography, I couldn’t help noticing how incredibly bad grown-ups, including engineers, are at electronics safety. Luckily, there are lots of adorable models/babies to explain the fundamentals. Like This? Uh, so, no. Easy mistake to make, no big deal, but you’re actually going to want to only put plugs

Das Keyboard 5Q: The Cloud Connected Keyboard

Das Keyboard 5Q is a cloud-connected, open API RGB mechanical keyboard that allows each key to be color-controlled over the Internet. – [currently $ 38,355 (38%) of $ 100,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq

Volant: The World’s First 3-in-1 Headphones

Volant’s headphones combine earphones, headphones and bluetooth into one device; giving you a solution for every listening occasion. – [currently £1,440 (1%) of £100,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq