Memoz is the first App that allows you to alert your phone contacts instantly when you are in danger. The first app against terrorists! – [currently €1 (0%) of €2,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq


Don't lose text or link or even note anymore, keep them in your pocket, access them everywhere on any device. – [currently $ 0 (0%) of $ 5,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq

The Joey Tag: Child Safety Wearable with Short-Range GPS

The Joey Tag is the new safety wearable for kids from the makers of My Buddy Tag designed to help keep your (and our) little ones safe. – [currently $ 477 (3%) of $ 15,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq Premiumlink-Generator

Keine Lust mehr auf Premium-Accounts oder lange Wartezeiten und miserable Downloadraten? Dann probiere jetzt Birdload aus! – [currently €0 (0%) of €1,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq

URang The Ring Tone HiJacker, Choose called phone ringtone

URang is an app that allows you choose what ringtone the person you call hears. Select from several hilarious and sweet ringtones. – [currently $ 0 (0%) of $ 400,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq

The #1 Resource for Health Wellness and Prevention. nLead the Way Prevention today! – [currently $ 0 (0%) of $ 250,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq

The World’s First Connected Personal Safety Alarm

A tiny gadget that can save your life. A blaring 130-decibel alarm equipped with professional 911 response – all in one small package. – [currently $ 10,096 (40%) of $ 25,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq

The DUGOUT TRAY for Baseball Coaches that score with an iPad

The Dugout Tray is a metal tray that attaches quickly and easily to the dugout fence. It's used for coaches that score with an iPad. – [currently $ 0 (0%) of $ 5,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq

Memri – An intuitive App designed with couples in mind

A personal, fun, but social app that allows couples to explore the world without forgetting the small things in life. @memriapp – [currently $ 0 (0%) of $ 4,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq

The American Super School Movement

BLISS Entertainment Studios Inc. Comes To The Rescue! nTo Help the United States Repair The Decline Of American Education. – [currently $ 0 (0%) of $ 250,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq