A sports safety app to report concussions and injuries, provide athlete medical information, and communicates all of it effortlessly. – [currently $ 5 (0%) of $ 10,700 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq

Apartment Therapy

Finding out the effects of environmental biodiversity on human skin microbial health over a 12mth study (and writing a thesis). – [currently $ 0 (0%) of $ 5,396 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq

The Grown Up Way to Sanitize, Store & Charge Grown Up Toys

Store, charge & ELIMINATE 99.9% of harmful bacteria from your grown-up toys w/ the ONLY scientifically proven, patent pending solution. – [currently $ 611 (2%) of $ 25,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq

Tim’s Bike Box

Trying to get motorbike trailer manufactured in Asia made from plastic. Prototype was made out of aluminum. – [currently $ 0 (0%) of $ 100,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq

The roboted autoshelving intelligent library system (RAILS)

Libraries and archives will be managed by a robot for a safer, faster, cheaper deposit and withdrawal of volumes. Patented. – [currently €0 (0%) of €100,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq


Seicenta est le premier créateur de sites web en 3D et 4K au monde. – [currently €0 (0%) of €5,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq

MySight360, World’s First Wearable VR Camera For Hiking

We got tired of mounting, so we built the world’s first wearable VR camera that will take convenience to a whole new level! – [currently $ 0 (0%) of $ 60,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq

Anyone can Learn English. Anywhere. For Free.

EduCase is the first free online interactive platform for English learners and teachers with complete courses at 5 different levels. – [currently £25 (0%) of £16,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq

Firefly-RK3399:Six-Core 64-bit High-Performance Platform

With dual-core Cortex-A72 and quad-core Cortex-A53, ARM® Mali-T860 MP4 quad-core graphics processor, supports dual cameras – [currently $ 984 (2%) of $ 50,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq

KindLink: the story of your donation

Social platform for donors to see how their donation is being used and for charities to go digital and tell their stories – [currently £0 (0%) of £90,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq