Tokata Oil Recovery System

A patent technology to produce oil from under-performing wells with known reserves while producing less than 2% water. – [currently $ 0 (0%) of $ 200,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq

Digital Speaking: The Platform For Expert Speakers

Are you an expert in your field? An audience is waiting to hear you speak. We connect expert speakers to audiences across the world – [currently £0 (0%) of £5,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq

UART HAT extra 1,2,4,8 UART for Raspberry Pi Zero B+ 2B 3B

easy Add extra 1,2,4,8 UART for Raspbery Pi Zero A+ B+ 2B 3B – [currently £0 (0%) of £1,500 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq

HELLO The Most Advanced Video Communication Device

Affordable voice-controlled smart-device for video conferencing, wireless screen sharing, live broadcasting, and security surveillance. – [currently $ 21,051 (70%) of $ 30,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq

FitTime5 App – Changing Your Workday One Stretch At A Time

This app will help users improve their health through daily flexibility programs, with reminders to get up from their desks. – [currently $ 55 (0%) of $ 16,500 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq

The MeetUp.EatUp App

MeetUp.EatUp is a sophisticated app that connects like minded-people over a meal, in a social group. – [currently $ 255 (1%) of $ 20,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq

Smart texting

Dont just give your child a phone, help their education too. Be a direct part of your child's education all through your device/phone. – [currently $ 0 (0%) of $ 75,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq

Diposta – liberating people from their postal mailbox.

The problem of mail: it is physical! Diposta collects, digitizes, and provides daily postal mail. Never worry about your mailbox again. – [currently $ 100 (0%) of $ 100,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq


A private slack community of cartographers, mappers and GIS Professionals just like you – [currently $ 495 (50%) of $ 990 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq

Wendu: Control your Climate, Wear the Future

Our t-shirt maintains steady temperatures through hot and cold focal points capable of reaching a 36ºF/20ºC range in under 2 minutes! – [currently €14,955 (14%) of €104,219 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq