​Samsung to supply KT with NB-IoT solutions

The South Korean tech giant will supply its compatriot telco with NB-IoT solutions. Latest news

Major Cloudflare bug leaked sensitive data from customers’ websites

 Cloudflare revealed a serious bug in its software today that caused sensitive data like passwords, cookies, authentication tokens to spill in plaintext from its customers’ websites. The announcement is a major blow for the content delivery network, which offers enhanced security and performance for more than 5 million websites. This could have allowed anyone who noticed

Twitter’s New Abuse Filter Works Great, If Your Name Is Mike Pence

Harassment on Twitter is a very real problem, not just celebrities, but for regular users too. In order to help curb abuse on the platform (a fact that has reportedly kept the company from being sold), Twitter introduced a new feature last week that would put abusers in “time out” if they tweet offensive content

Uber, Fitbit, OKCupid information exposed by wide-reaching flaw – CNET

Bug affecting 3,400 websites leaked data, including usernames, passwords and messages sent by end-users. CNET News

​Samsung Pay launches in Malaysia

Samsung Pay has launched in Malaysia, making the country the eleventh to get the South Korean tech giant’s mobile payment service. Latest news

World View’s ‘stratollites’ and new spaceport aim to change the business of space

 At World View’s new headquarters in Tucson, Arizona, the paint is barely dry on a gleaming new structure located near the airport, and just down the road from defense contractor Raytheon. The facility dominates the landscape, and reflects the enormity of World View’s main goal, which is nothing short of carving out a brand new

The Amazon Echo Now Has 10,000 Mostly Useless ‘Skills’

Amazon proudly announced today it’s adding its 10,000th skill to the Echo, the company’s artificially intelligent speaker. About a year ago, I wrote a love letter to my Echo praising it as the ultimate gadget for a lazy stoner. The prospect of greatness seemed so obvious. The speaker was quickly getting smarter, and… Read more…

Waymo: Uber stole our self-driving car tech – Roadshow

In a lawsuit that reads like a spy novel, Alphabet’s self-driving car company charges a former employee brought pilfered technology to Uber. CNET News

​Cloudflare found leaking customer HTTPS sessions for months

Customer information from Uber, 1Password, and online dating site OkCupid is amongst the SSL data leaked by Cloudflare. Latest news

How a political strategist and former NAACP advisor became Silicon Valley’s Olivia Pope

 People in government are organizers and hustlers with deep industry knowledge and skills that are applicable across a variety of roles in tech. Read More TechCrunch