AHIS – Automated Home Information System – Smart & Simple

Meet AHIS – Automated Home Information System – Easy to Use. Secure. Powerful. Super Smart & Simple. Make Everything Smart. – [currently $ 71 (0%) of $ 50,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq

RATtrap * Security and Privacy for your smart home.

RATtrap is a simple and elegant but highly effective security device that protects user's smart devices from threats on the internet. – [currently $ 158 (0%) of $ 75,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq

Ares VPN

Great service, no logs are kept, all anonymous. – [currently $ 0 (0%) of $ 30,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq

Tinkathing – modular construction system

Tinkathing stimulates creativity and innovative thinking while teaching basics in programming, electronics and mechanics. – [currently €0 (0%) of €100,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq

SendingYourLove.com Subscription photo mailing service

We need to create a new and amazing website with the ability to upload from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Any leftovers=marketing $ – [currently $ 0 (0%) of $ 12,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq

ClutchIt! : The Worlds First Magnetic Anywhere Phone Mount

ClutchIt! is a patent pending hands-free phone mount that works on any surface, anywhere at anytime. – [currently $ 282 (1%) of $ 50,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq

Understanding the Basic of CNC Programming

by Fagor Automation The major benefit that CNC programming provides is enhanced automation. Through the CNC programming, the operator participation that is required in the production of the work pieces can be minimized or even eliminated. There are even CNC programs that run without any human intervention for the entire cycle of the machining process.

SparkFun Proto Pedal (PRT-13124)

The SparkFun Proto Pedal is an easy-to-assemble kit that makes building guitar effect pedals easier. Let’s face it, most guitar pedals start with all-too-similar circuitry – you need the input and output jacks, the bypass switch, and a barrel jack for power input. In some pedals, there may be as much wiring involved in the

Revolutionary GoPro Mounting System – 360 Quick Connect

Attach revolutionary 360 Quick Connect GoPro connectors to your GoPro mounts. Swap mounts in seconds and forget the GoPro bolt forever. – [currently $ 95 (0%) of $ 40,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq

ArcSling Motion Converter – Turn Movement into Electricity

Harness the energy that surrounds us. ArcSling converts kinetic energy into electricity. – [currently $ 1,880 (6%) of $ 30,000 goal] Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq