Baidu reports higher revenue on lower profit for fiscal 2016

The Chinese web company has announced revenue was up 6.3 percent year over year and operating profit down 13.9 percent for fiscal 2016, as well as some company board changes. Latest news

RCS, Google’s answer to iMessage, expands to 27 more carriers and OEMs

 While messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat and WeChat rake in ever more users, features and relationships with key brands, and Apple’s iMessage continues to play strong with iPhone users, Android and search giant Google today announced a big step forward in its own strategy to bring its own native, enhanced, native messaging service to more Android

Jalopnik Here’s What Those Little Shapes On Car Bumpers Are For | Lifehacker All the Best Movies Com

Jalopnik Here’s What Those Little Shapes On Car Bumpers Are For | Lifehacker All the Best Movies Coming to and Leaving Netflix in March 2017 | Kotaku Early Impressions Of My Very Own Nintendo Switch | io9 Here’s the Latest on All 17 (and Counting) Possible Upcoming DC Movies | Read more… Gizmodo

Cadillac addresses ‘a nation divided’ in Oscars ad – CNET

Commentary: As if to warm everyone up for a political Oscars show, the carmaker insists the nation can be united. CNET News

​RBA new payments platform on schedule for 2017 rollout

The Reserve Bank of Australia expects the first payments to be made on its new system before the year is out. Latest news

Rocket Internet’s Zalora is retreating from two more countries in Asia

 Zalora, the Rocket Internet-backed online fashion store, is continuing its retreat from Asia. The firm sold off its businesses in Vietnam and Thailand last year, and now it is withdrawing from the Philippines and Indonesia. Yesterday it transpired that Zalora sold 49 percent of its Philippines-based operations to local real estate firm Ayala, as E27

Apple ‘Looking Into’ Exploding iPhone 7 After Smoking Hot Video Goes Viral

On Wednesday an Arizona teen tweeted a video of her iPhone 7 Plus smoldering in its thick plastic case after it apparently exploded. Apple is “looking into it,” according to a company spokesperson. Read more… Gizmodo

Someone just bought an oil tanker on China’s eBay – CNET

You can buy anything you want on Taobao, including sea vessels… if you have $ 11 million to spare. CNET News

​Your cyber defences are probably wrong, again

If you thought cybersecurity looked bad from inside organisations, try looking in from the outside. From the hackers’ perspective, it’s even worse. Latest news

Apple says iOS 10.2.1 has reduced unexpected iPhone 6s shutdown issues by 80%

 Apple has been working on a very annoying iPhone shutdown bug and it says it has come up with a fix of sorts that should mitigate the problem on a majority of iPhone 6 and 6s devices. Read More TechCrunch